Hi, I'm Dr. Amanda, founder of Your Life Live It, I've enjoyed a wonderful career in personal development and love helping others create the best life they can. I enjoy life with my wife Sarah and together we help others live it to the max, along with our team of highly trained Coaches.

Here's an explanation about NLP and how I got into it on my recent TV interview.

I was born and bred in Yorkshire, I came from a lovely warm and fuzzy family,  where I was taught to work hard and that only get out what you put in. So I did. I started my career young and became the youngest Training Executive in the Estee Lauder Corporation. I was to work with them for 16 years and ended up being the Regional Education Director for Clinique in Europe/Middle East and Africa. These roles with Estee Lauder were critical to my future role as founder and director of Your Life Live It, as it's where my fascination with human development really began. 

Over time I became increasingly curious about how we function and I went and got my Diploma in Life Coaching followed by my NLP, Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy qualifications. You might spot me below receiving my Trainers Certification with Dr. Tad & Adriana James in Vegas baby.

Once I was qualified I wanted to start a small company to help people make changes, so Your Live Life It was born with very humble beginnings. This was supposed to be a day a week kinda thing. Yeah right! Soon I had a full time assistant, I started training people to become coaches and now have a business that spans the globe and has 15 coaches working with us. I have written a book and studied to become a Doctor of Clinical Hypnosis. In 2014 I was over the moon to become Dr. Amanda. And now, Your Life Live it has offices in NZ and Portugal, runs courses in Thailand, Portugal, Perth, New Zealand and the UK (very cool). All our Coaches are trained to a very high standard and abide by Accredited Boards Codes and Ethics.

Sarah and I love fitness and adventure too, some might say to the extreme. We love nothing more than setting ourselves a good old challenge and then using the tools we have at our fingertips to go about achieving them. One such mission was a run across Portugal, which was a marathon a day for 7 days. I've cycled the length of the South Island of New Zealand, biked the length and climbed the height of the UK and cycled Mont Ventoux in 2018.

I love giving back to good causes and with all of these events, a big goal for me has been to raise as much money as possible for various charities. I've also worked in an Orphanage for a month in Bali and now raise funds for this lovely place I am so connected to.

I also take part in the odd half Iron-Man event, here I am emerging from the freezing water in Wanaka, NZ.  Sarah and I also recently biked from the Swiss Alps to Yorkshire, for fun and to raise buckets full of cash for charity. 

This is my lovely wife Sarah, we got married in 2016. She joined Your Life Live It in 2013 as one of our coaches. Previous to this she had played cricket for England for 10 years and I mean proper playing all over the world, with sponsors and everything. She knows the meaning of mental toughness and how to out think a problem. She is doing her first half Iron Man in Barcelona and she is a trainer and coach working globally with me. 

We just love what we do and are so committed to helping people change their lives, one at a time.

We are both very passionate about life, we live it to the full and make everyday count. And in the last few years, we've really had to put our knowledge into practice as we've had to catch some tough and challenging curve balls of our own. 

I had kidney cancer in 2013, the kidney was whipped out (this is me below recovering in Christchurch hospital). Then three weeks before we were due to be married Sarah lost her Mum in a tragic diving incident, so never take life for granted. 

And without getting into too many personal details, believe us when we say we really walk the talk, and we wish we hadn't had to. But with this difficult part of our life behind us, we're embracing everything with the childlike curiosity that we love. 

And so to the future, we will continue to have fun, work hard, live in our truth and bring the best training and coaching to as many of you as we can. We love our lives and know how precious it is. 

Never forget, this is it, it’s your life live it!