A very personal blog introducing our twins.

17 Jan 2020

WOW, how life has changed! 

Sarah and I would like to introduce you to our twin boys, Noah on the left and Jasper on the right.

We take our hats off to all you parents out there, you are legends, the sleepless nights, the early mornings, toys everywhere, nappy bags packed and unpacked more often than the tube leaves Piccadilly.

And we are all changed for ever!

Doing our most important job, raising our little ones to be the very best they can be. To travel their life journey with good values, a strong heart and kindness at every turn. 

It's a huge responsibility and we LOVE it.

One thing Sarah and I have in common is we know how powerful the tools in our tool box of life are. 
NLP and Hypnosis have helped us when curve balls have hit, we have had so much loss and shock that we are certain without these tools, we doubt we would be together, let alone happy, content and excited about life, (if not a little tired).

So they work, these tools that are easy to learn, implement and use to make your life beautiful.

We started to use our hypnosis tools before the boys were born, we created a hypnosis track that we would play everyday to the babies (we did not know what we were having). In that 12 minute track there are 5 statements of empowerment.  

You are kind.
You are intelligent.
You have everything you need inside of you.
You are loveable, you are safe and secure.
Mummy and I love you very, very much.

The unconscious mind is very powerful, it's always listening so we started installing empowering beliefs into the babies neurology before they were born. 

We all need to be mindful of what we say to our children and what you say to yourself. Do you find yourself speaking unkindly to yourself? The powerful part of you is listening and it takes everything literally and as a truth, so be careful.

We played the hypnosis to the twins once they were born and would repeat the statements every time we put them down for a nap and we were amazed. 

This is when they both smiled, it was as if they knew them, the statements were familiar to them,  they became animated and full of smiles and little shrieks. 

Take a look at the short video below, Elli our Mindset Coach is sharing them with the boys and watch their reactions, and it's every-time they hear them and it can be said by many different people, the results are the same. It even stops them from crying.

Smiles, giggles, animation.

We are mindfully and purposefully installing empowering beliefs, it is easy to do and we know how effective this will be for the twins.

If you are curious and want to learn how you can install empowering beliefs into your life, clear out the stuff that is holding back, help others in your life, then check out our Certificated and Board Approved Courses, we are running them in Queenstown NZ, Brisbane and Portugal in 2020.

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We only get one go, make it your life, own it, shape it, be the architect of it. Investing in you to have the tools and techniques to navigate curve balls and being the best you is priceless to be honest. 

Tools for life whether you are doing it for you or wanting to become a Coach and help others, all of the above courses will allow you to do that.

And remember, its' Your Life Live It!

Amanda and Sarah xx