Anxiety is at an all time high with people who have never suffered from it, ever!

02 Nov 2021

How to outthink anxiety in three easy steps.

Anxiety is everywhere, especially with people who have never had it before.

It is something that has definitely been on the increase since Covid hit our world.

We have noticed that we are working with so many more clients who are saying that they’ve never suffered from anxiety previously and now this is something they’re having to deal with on a daily basis.

You may also be able to relate to this, shortness of breath, lack of clarity of thought, feeling as though you’re losing control, feeling that the world is closing in on you.

Being paralysed in the moment and yet this is new to you something you never experienced before and now it seems to be all consuming.

One of the problems when somebody starts to suffer from anxiety is that they feel that they have no control and that this has been done to them,  it becomes really scary, they feel that it can happen at any moment and it generally does.

How would it be if you were to be able to understand how anxiety operates in your neurology and have more insights into how to outthink it?

Let us begin.

Step 1.

It’s good to understand that anxiety is  an emotion of the future. 

Now, this might not be in conscious awareness, it may be something you’re nervous about in the future or something you are putting off, however the reason that you experienced anxiety is because you’re seeing the outcome that you don’t want.

This generally becomes a full movie with the soundtrack, an  internal dialogue, there may even be smells and tasted,  all of this working together makes it feel very real. An outcome that you don’t want feeling very real that the only response you can have is anxiety.

Step 2.

You have a choice, just knowing that you have a choice is a game changer in itself.

When we work with clients one-on-one this creates a huge sense of relief for them,  in that they realise they have options and they can do something different, giving them control.


Step 3.

So what needs to happen differently?

What is it that we teach our clients to do that allows them to help think anxiety?

What is good to know is there anyone that creates anxiety is really good at creating what we call fully sensory movie. What this means is they are already really good at creating a full movie experience that allows anxiety to be created in the system.

Will use the same strategy that is used to create anxiety to create calmness and confidence. The clients are already good at doing what needs to be done in order to take control and therefore we just use what they are already good at.

And here’s what to do.

Answer this question; 

“What will you be doing 15 minutes after the successful completion of the event, the thing you are anxious about”? 

Always focus on 15 minutes after the event going really well, not the actual event but just after it, by 15 mins to be precise.

Now climb into that movie, what will you see through your own eyes, what will you hear as an external sound track, what will your self talk be, can you taste or smell anything? 

Run this movie a few times over and over, notice how this makes you feel, anxiety will be non-existent, it is impossible to have anxiety when you have a fully sensory movie of an outcome you want.

It’s a great way to ensure you outthink anxiety, focus on what you do want, make the movie bigger, brighter, turn up the volume, add in the smells and tastes (if they are there) and notice how all this makes you feel.

Game changer and a great gift to give yourself.

For more on this please access our free online course, ‘Prepare Don’t Panic’ . We created this during the first lockdown and people have been accessing it, sharing it with friends and sharing the calmness you can create for yourself.