Anxiety Ruins Lives

24 Oct 2018

In the UK there's been a 50% increase since 2015 of woman seeking help for medical drug addition, originally prescribed for anxiety. These are woman who have families, a good job, a nice home and from the outside everything looks well. 

Drugs such as dihydrocodeine, benzodiazepine ( Xanax and Valium) with Modafinil being the most popular to help get woman through the day. Most of these drugs and available online without a prescription and this is an ever increasing problem. 

Dr Owen Bowden-Jones a consultant psychiatrist for the Central North-West London NHS Foundation Trust, recently opened a clinic for people addicted to online drugs, he was surprised by how many woman in 30's and 40's came for help. He said that because these were perceived as 'medical' drugs then this legitimised their use. 

Woman have so much on their plates, the career, the family, the partner, the wife, the friend, there is this mind virus out there that leads us to believe we have to put everyone first, the cost of this though is our health. 

Popping pills to enhance cognitive performance, to keep anxiety at bay, to boost confidence or as one drug addict Annie told Anna Silverman in a recent Grazia article, "They took the edge off and allowed me to feel calmer."

When I read this article, I was astounded that woman can become addicted so easily as these drugs are  easy to get hold of and at the end of the day, it is a coping strategy. If you or someone you know pops what you consider too many pills then seek help. Book to see your GP and run the drugs you are taking past her, don't leave this to chance. 

One woman Nicki Hari a lawyer was addicted for 10 years, she was a functioning (on the surface) Mum of two with a first class degree, it crept up on her until one day she knew she had to get help and fast. Spot the warning signs, get the right advise and know that anxiety, confidence, coping, and mindset can all be helped drug free and quickly, there are other more effective ways.

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