Get off the corporate rat race!

12 Dec 2018

Stop Chasing your tail, and start living! 

Our Coach Elli has a wealth of knowledge of the demands, stresses and sacrifices the corporate world demands. Having spent the majority of her career working for some of the biggest names in the health and wellness industry read her take on the 'Rat Race'

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Do you recall your favourite board game when you were a kid? Would you ever have thought that it was society programming your mind… Think about it… One of the world’s favourite board games of ‘The Game of Life’ simulates a person’s travels through life from college to retirement, with jobs, marriage & kids.  How is it that this board game doesn’t include volunteering, or travelling, or remaining independently single, or being bi-sexual? It is letting the idea of the norm of society be replicated on a damn board game…. And yet as kids I recall having sleep overs at friend’s places, and basing the evening around playing this game, and it was so exciting, letting our little minds wander into a future that is not reality, or in my mind it doesn’t have to be. This game didn’t teach or explain to us that money doesn’t buy happiness, and that material purchases do not improve your quality of life. I don’t recall a stage of the game on happiness, it was all about the next tick of society’s checklist and expectations for life.

Which leads me on to tell you a story about getting off the corporate rat race myself.  I love the industry I work in, however I had trained my brain to think I was happy in the circumstances I was in.  Constantly working, chasing someone else’s dream, just for the title and a pay packet. That was what was important to me. I was brought up by my amazing supportive parents, to always do 110% and strive to be the best I can be.  I translated that into putting 110% into my career because that is where I was in control of my destiny as such.  To me love was unpredictable, and so my career became everything.  I found myself over the years mindlessly dropping the things that I loved.  My competition in boxing, playing the piano, swimming…. All because I told myself I didn’t have time, and the most important thing was career.

I worked hard, damn hard to get to where I found myself.  From management to regional management titles, to a city of sheer materialistic bullshit.  To begin with, it meant everything to me.  The new car, the apartment, the TV, the image, the perception that life was wonderful and I was happy.  But it got to a stage that when I got out of this corporate world, the realisation that I was not happy hit be like a freight train.

Lets look at another popular kids board game ‘Snakes & Ladders’…. This is how I could describe the last chapter of my life. The object of this game from start to finish (life-line), from bottom to top (career progression) helped or hindered by ladders and snakes respectfully.  I will leave the explanation at that, and let you interpret what you wish.  Lets face it, you may have all the things in the world and the job title which has been on you vision board since being a child… but it doesn’t give you happiness. At one point you will realise the stuff you own, starts to own you.  I tell you, to invest in yourself.  

Ask yourself does the situation serve you?

Do you strive for happiness or material crap?

Let me tell you, the analogy of the corporate rat race isn’t real…. You created it…. I created it… You are never trapped in your job or situation… I want you to change ‘I am trapped’ to ‘ I choose to...' Find your way out.  Stop being a hedge groomer and nurturing the garden maze you have constructed around yourself.  You are good enough, you are ready, your time is now!   

Are you ready to Seize Your Life?  You know you are! Let this be your reminder, its time! Whether it's business goals, attracting your life partner, becoming healthier and fitter, or landing your dream job – we have the tools to bring goals into reality here.

My advise to myself was to take the chance… even if there was a risk involved, follow your heart and dream passionately about the direction you wish to follow.  People will wonder what the hell you are doing…. Leaving comfort and security… Go on the search, because no one else will have the ability to know your own desires and dreams, to bring it to you.  Search….  

Believe… Believe in your dreams, believe in your ability, believe in yourself.  Your friends and family will understand, once they see you grabbing life by the horns and smiling with sheer happiness, that you believed in your dreams, you believed in your ability, and most importantly you believed in you!

Follow my journey across the next few blogs of the transforming months that unrolled after jumping off that rat race!