How To Out Smart Anxiety

06 Feb 2019

Claire is a brilliant Coach with us here and looks into the most googled word- ANXIETY. 

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Back in 2013, I became stressed with work which quite quickly turned into anxiety. It was the worst feeling I've ever felt, feeling scared and worried about the future. I was always so very driven in my career and felt out of control. I made up this story in my mind that I wasn't good enough and my new Director didn't like me. I was literally predicting a story in my mind into the future of everything going wrong.

At the time, I didn't realise, this was anxiety. I constantly had the feelings of anxiety running through my body. The tightness in the throat, the knot in my tummy, feeling sick, it was just awful. On a night time, I couldn't sleep with worry, I then couldn't eat and lost one stone in one month. I was exhausted, couldn't think straight, couldn't think rationally.

In the end, I had to go to the Doctors as I had no idea what was happening, it honestly felt like I was losing my mind. The Doctor confirmed stress and anxiety and put me on the sick for 3 weeks. I felt like a total failure, me, who had always been successful and achieved in every role was off on the sick. Those three weeks were horrendous, I spent most of the time in bed. I literally felt as though I had lost all ability to think for myself and make decisions.

Even though I had practiced NLP (Neuro-Linguisitic Programming), I couldn't stop this movie running in my mind of everything going wrong. I felt out of control. Everything inside of me was saying, stop being stupid, you can do this, pull yourself together but deep down I was scared. I forced myself back to work after the three weeks although my GP was advising against this. She thought I was just putting myself under more pressure and wasn't ready but I wanted to prove I could do the job. 

I ended up with a golden hand shake and although at the time didn't feel like it, was the best thing that could have happened. I had no idea of what was available outside those four walls of that corporate world.

Mindset has been always been a huge passion of mine and I have lots of people in my life who have struggled with depression. I wanted to be in a position where I could help people with any mindset issues.

Now as a qualified Lifestyle Coach, NLP Coach, NLP & Timeline Practitioner with Your Life Live It, I can help you eradicate anxiety forever.

You shouldn't be going through life living in fear of the future.

You deserve to live a happy, positive life you love. 

With NLP, we do 1-on-1 sessions and can eradicate anxiety in one hour.

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