How to stop caring what others think.

09 Aug 2019

Recently I have been focusing a lot on my content for social media, as this is my personal journey.  It is the way the times are going. Social media content, videos and webinars are the way people are learning.  I am forcing myself to constantly learn about all the new trends and patterns within the digital marketing world to stay ahead of the game!  So I have really been stepping out of my comfort zone, and doing lots of facebook and instagram LIVEs and videos following this journey.  

I did not have any training in this before I started and I am really learning and adjusting each time I step in front of that camera!  I am super passionate about the content I create and share. I love my purpose of being an Empowerment and Mindset Coach, so I love to be able to share interesting content that adds value to at least one person in my audience!  I love to give tips on getting started with new goals and letting go of limiting beliefs, as its that first step of fear that paralyzes people from even doing it.

So in a recent podcast I was listening to with the legendary Gary Vee and the wonderful Jay Shetty, they were discussing tips on how to stop caring what other people think.  And it really resonated with me, as it is that split second before I hit GO LIVE, that the unconscious thought passes through about what other people will think or say! Whenever I started to do LIVE videos, not everyone was sending positive vibes my way.  Let's be realistic, you will always have people who like your content, and others who will not. It's only natural.

So let's say you get a negative comment on something on social media, how do you overcome that?  How do you get to a place to not care about what other people are saying, thinking or posting? If someone takes the time to listen to your content and then takes the time out of their day to write something:

Tip 1: once you get that message from the other person, have compassion for them. Compassion, empathy and sympathy and make sure that it's coming from a place of love and from your heart.  Make sure that you are sending so much compassion to that person because if they're taking the time to sit and write something about, majority of the time they don't even know you - they're not in a good place. Right? So let's send them as much love and compassion and sympathy as possible.

Tip 2: contextualize that criticism.  Put their comments into context and take a quick look because you are in a vulnerable state once you get a bit of criticism.  Don't spend much time on it, but step into it. Is there any truth in it? Do you believe there's any truth in it? If there's no truth in it, fabulous. Let it go and promptly move on.  If there is a level of truth in it, reframe the criticism into self-development and learn from it.

So to summarise: send that compassion, send that empathy, send that sympathy to that person and then jump into it and do a quick scan.

Another tip to assist you with not caring what others think, is to have zero expectations upon yourself or your work.  When you have dropped your expectations, you actually allow space to start to make things happen. So it's the same whenever you are creating content and having zero expectations around where you're actually going to get with it.  As long as you are focusing on adding value for your audience and on your own happiness, with the content that you're actually putting out there. And for me it's enjoying sharing the content. You know, I constantly think, how will I add value to other people's lives by sharing this? 

My content thrives when its from a business perspective, an NLP perspective or if it's from a self-development perspective because I really, really enjoy it. It is ingrained in my veins. So I want you guys to enjoy it as well. I'm super passionate about what I'm doing. So that overcomes the expectation of wanting everyone to like it. Because let's face it, some things aren't for everyone and that's absolutely fine as well.

Elli Regan - The Mindset Coach

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