How would it be if your Children believed good things about themselves?

05 Oct 2021

How would it be if your Children believed good things about themselves?

One simple step that allows you to help them.

As a Mum of twin boys, I know first hand how important it is to install great belief systems in our children. Before I studied our neurology and how it works, I had no idea this was even an option.

I thought all we had to do as parents was love them, keep them safe and do what parents do. 

I now know that we can hand select what belief systems we want to install in our children and do just that, install them.

Limiting beliefs and the removal of them is what I have specialised in for 15 years, beliefs like;

I am not good enough.
I am not intelligent.
I am not worthy.
I am rubbish.
I am unlovable.

When an adult has lived with this limiting belief for 45 years and bore the evidence of this showing up daily, I often think how much easier life would have been for them if they were able to have removed this limiting belief when they were much younger. 

Or never had it at all.

So how are belief systems stalled?

Before the age of 7 there is no gate keeper for a childs neurology, basically everything is downloaded from the child's environment. 

If a caregiver says to a child in a joking way “Oh you are such a silly girl.” The Child's brain hears, I am silly and then goes out to find evidence to prove that this is true. 

A limiting belief has been successfully installed and our team of global belief change coders see this show up all the time. Clients who have had enough and want to change their lives.

Here’s a preventative measure rather than fixing the limiting belief after it has been running for 10,20,30 and in one client's instance 75 years later.

When my wife Sarah was pregnant with our twins we decided to create our installation list of empowering beliefs, we recorded this and played it to them everyday whilst in the womb. We now say this every day to them just before they head to bed. 

We will continue to do this until they tell us they don’t want it anymore, because it won't be cool of course! Then we shall just wait until they are asleep and say it to them whilst they are sleeping.

For now though, we see ourselves installing until they are around 11,  before we need to revert to the sleep talk idea.

Here’s what we say;

You are kind.
You are intelligent.
You have all you need inside of you.
You are happy.
You are safe and secure.
You are loveable and Momma and I love you very, very much.

And that’s it!

I have been sharing this almost every time I speak to a group now and parents are giving me feedback, their kids love it. 

They have reported that children as young as 4 years old create their own actions to go with the words, they ask for it to be said at bed time and then say their own words back to their parents, it brings tears to their eyes as they hear their child say empowering things back to them.

Installing powerful beliefs in our children means we are giving them a strong foundation, then if a caregiver says something in jest, it will most likely be diluted by the power of the beliefs that you have installed purposefully in them for life.

What better gift can we give them? 

It costs nothing.

But time and only around 30 seconds a day.