One thing we cannot control is life.

29 May 2019

And don’t we know that, yep, we get ourselves all planned for an event, a part of life that we think we can control and BOOM, there it goes again, the universe saying nope, not this time, here’s a wee reminder.

We knew the date our twins would be brought into the world, we had it all planned with our Obstetrician Carmen in Portugal, yes the 20th of May, via C section, we knew the hospital, we knew who would be flying out to support us, all planned, tick, tick, tick.

Then the universe threw a curveball, my Dad as taken ill in the UK and we were in NZ, I was due to speak 5 engagements in both NZ and Australia, we had our flight back to the UK booked for the 20th March, all in good time for the birth of our twins. I got a gut feeling that I needed to get to the UK as soon as possible, I cancelled everything and got there, just in time. 

My beautiful Dad passed away 30 hours later, if I had stayed and spoken at the Brisbane event on the 7th of March, I would have been too late.

Sarah was not allowed to fly to be with me, to attend my Dad's celebration of life, her blood pressure had risen too much and our care taking Obstetrician Dr Polly Weston in NZ spoke with me and suggested I get back to NZ as soon as I could, the babies were being born here.

The Universe spoke and I fell into line, I jumped on more flights the day after my Dads’ celebration of life to go and witness the birth of my twin babies, now due to be born in Invercargill NZ.

And they arrived into the world on the 9th of May at 4.00am and 4.05am by natural birth, a very brave Sarah, an expert team, passionate staff and two little boys in NICU for two weeks and Sarah in emergency theatre then ICU, she lost 4.2 litres of blood and almost died.

Eventually, all was well.

When the Universe speaks and we listen, we go with the flow and navigate the plans as they are revealed to us, then the most complex of arrangements somehow seem to fall into place. We now have Noah and Jasper, two little Kiwi boys, a healthy Mum, who amazes me how she managed to bring these two into the world naturally.

I am grateful, very grateful for not being able to plan everything, if our well made plans had gone ahead, then who knows what would have happened.