Remove the chains.

08 Aug 2019

E-motion = energy in motion.  Emotions are real, they happen.  It is the connection to an old negative emotion, that has been holding you back which we can help disconnect from and make the change.

You will remember a time when you unconsciously burst out at someone or something, feeling angry or even resentment. But you don’t really know where it came from. You then feel sadness and guilt at yourself for not being in control of your emotions. You know that something shifted inside of you as this happened, but you can’t put a finger on why.

"What the hell just happened?"  I know this will sound familiar, sometimes these reactions are detrimental too friendships, relationships or business outcomes.

Let's be realistic, bad things happen and negative occurrences happen.

They are part and parcel of a life process.  Yes, of course we are going to feel negative emotions as human beings, it is within our intricate make up to feel certain ways. But my question to you is, what is the point to feel emotions that have been locked inside your body for the last 20 years?  What purpose do they hold? Do they actually serve you? We both know the answer is no.

To be free from your negative emotions, is one of the most important actions you personally can take to optimize your mind and body, and to reach your full potential.

However, as many of us are aware, it tends to be one of the most neglected areas in people's lives.  

Why is this so?  Is it a level of complete ignorance as to how our body’s are made up? Is it because we are not taught how to manage or control negative emotions, or even to pay attention to them.  Generally in school and in the work place we are told to be positive.

However, let's be real - we all experience negative emotions.  The golden piece of the puzzle, is be aware if you have been suppressing these negative emotions.  Once there is awareness and a want to change, the rest is simple.

Do you want to let go of past negative emotions, that are holding you back and limiting your decision process and beliefs?  This is the time to let go with the easy technique of Time Line Therapy®.

After releasing such manifested negative emotions, the feedback from my clients is so powerful:

  • “ Since releasing these emotions, there is already a big positive impact on my life”
  • “ I feel so much more in control.”
  • “ I have confidence and clarity, which I could never have dreamt of before.”
  • “ I feel much lighter and happier, in situations that may have gone completely south before my session with you.”
  • “ A weight has lifted off my shoulders, I feel like I can breathe again.”

In today's society, people don't realise when they are carrying around bagfuls of negative emotions, you get used to it right? Perhaps you secretly keep it to yourself as you feel it is a weakness, to disclose such an emotion, or you even feel shame around it.
Most commonly I see people fall into a pattern of self defeat where they feel there is nothing they can do.  “This is the way I am.”

Time Line Therapy® is a really safe technique which works with the clients active imagination, utilizing a process that is already happening naturally in the mind.  It allows you to gather learnings from the situation and let go. Frequently I have been asked, “Do I forget about what happened?” NOOOO! You do not forget the memory. The memory will always be there.  It does however disassociate the negative emotion that was manifested from the specific event.

So really, as you read this, have a think.  Does it really serve you now, to be resentful to that school colleague who bullied you all those years ago, or towards your x partner? Let's face it - Do you honestly think your ex has any idea you still feel this way?

Do you think you’re secretly paying them back? No!

Then why do we do it?

Because with each of these specific memories, is an attachment of something unresolved for you, it is the negative emotions you experienced at that time.  Please know that the emotional heaviness that is still present on those memories CAN disappear.

In just one session, you actually set in motion a beneficial feedback loop that leads to an even greater level of mental and emotional health.

As you remove the emotional chains of negative emotions that you have accumulated in your body’s memory from past events, you will have a better life flow.  You will have a different frequency in order to be more aware and to deal with what life throws at you!
And once you experience freedom of your past unresolved negative emotions and let go of limiting beliefs and limiting decisions, your life becomes suddenly more vibrant, you will start to feel more alive.

Thanks for reading - Elli

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