Judy brings a lifetime of varied experiences to her coaching practice, having lived in the Middle East, South East Asia and now Aotearoa, New Zealand where she lives in the mountains of Wanaka with her husband, two teenage daughters and a dog. 

Holding a BA Hons in Economics and Politics and Masters in Finance, Judy co-founded  a very successful international financial advisory in South East Asia operating in 6 countries, and with a team of 60 to manage. This is where she first encountered NLP and its capacity to support  her and her team in a highly competitive and stressful environment. 

After 15 years of fast paced living, Judy decided it was time to leave  South East  Asia and  came to New Zealand to offer her children a more balanced lifestyle. 

Over 21 years of marriage, Judy knows first-hand that our closest relationships often provide both the greatest challenges and joys in life. Relationships are opportunities for massive growth when we are supported to navigate them with clarity, compassion and skillful tools. 

NLP, is one such tool that has greatly informed Judy’s own journey as a wife, mother and company director. As such, her coaching practice is grounded in many years of personal experience and ongoing study.

As an avid nature lover, Judy enjoys hiking, skiing and worked as a professional dive instructor for many years. She believes that our wellbeing as humans directly impacts the wellbeing of the whole planet. In addition to NLP she has also studied advanced meditation practices, Human Design, Shaivist Tantra and Shamanic healing. 

She now dedicates her life to helping people break free of the patterns that have kept them stuck. Judy loves nothing more than witnessing transformations that lead people to an experience of greater personal freedom and empowerment. 

Humans are capable of immense healing , transformation and joy. 

All humans, including YOU! 


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