I’ve been privileged to be a GP since 1984. I have always been interested in people and how they view the world. I was seeing rising levels of anxiety, especially in younger people.

Four years of burnout with life getting smaller and smaller, feeling absolutely drained, made me find
my way to a life coach in the Your Life Live It (YLLI) family. 

From that I did the Ultimate Transformation Course looking for my way forward. It didn’t feel like a “miracle” but it has been.
I’ve got joy back in my work life becoming a coach in this wonderful organisation.
Working with Neural Coding I now have tools to help people in profound ways. I’m adding further
hypnotherapy skills.


Certified NLP Coach,

Certified NLP practitioner,

Certified Time Line therapy Practitioner



about us image American Board of NLP

about us image American Board of Time Line Therapy


Fee is $210 per 60-75 minute session

Payment plan can be arranged